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    Does Isopropyl Alcohol Kill Coronavirus? | PotGuide.com

    With COVID-19 quite literally in the air, cannabis consumers are rightfully concerned about how to clean and sanitize smoking gear. The highly-infectious coronavirus is thought to hang around on surfaces of all kinds for days, and glass specifically, for up to five days. Because the novel coronavirus is making its inauspicious debut, not many scientific […] More

  • Melon Face Strain Review
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    Melon Face Strain Review

    2020 Series Episode 15 featuring Melon Face by Highpants Genetics – Melon Face is made from Chocolope X Starkiller and it is a great hybrid for a dreamy daytime stone. Smoke report here: https://ismokemag.co.uk/melon-face/ Support my work on Patreon: https://patreon.com/ismoke Disclaimer: ISMOKE is an adult channel for people aged 18 or over. These videos are […] More

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    Exploring Pro Cannabis Vice President Candidates for Joe Biden | PotGuide.com

    When presidential candidate Joe Biden called for the federal decriminalization of marijuana as part of his Lift Every Voice: The Biden Plan for Black America, it was met with a collective groan from both cannabis advocates as well as many civil rights leaders. The plan demotes cannabis from a highly controlled Schedule 1 drug to […] More

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    Celebrating 7/10 in 2020: Deals, Ideas & More | PotGuide.com

    It’s that other time of year again. 7/10, the Robin to 4/20’s Batman, is upon us. While it may not hold the nostalgia and reputation of its more-known numerical cannabis code, the concentrate holiday has it own unique place in the culture. Celebrating cannabis “OIL” and other concentrates embraces the progress of the cannabis world, […] More

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    What’s the Best Time to Start an Outdoor Cannabis Grow? | PotGuide.com

    It’s amazing how quickly the world can change, isn’t it? In the past 25 years, cannabis has moved from an illicit substance relegated to the shadowy corners of the black market to an “essential” industry because of COVID-19. In many states, local cannabis laws allow you to grow your own, and why not? When you […] More

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    Cannabis News Recap: June 2020 | PotGuide.com

    Activity poured in for cannabis news across the industry this past June. Still reeling from a bear market and COVID-19, marijuana finds itself at the forefront of reform, be it legalizing the plant or overhauling the criminal justice system. This past month saw actions happening at the Justice Department as well as on Capitol Hill. […] More

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