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  • Divine Storm Strain Review
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    Divine Storm Strain Review

    2020 Series Episode 19 – Divine Storm by In House Genetics. This strain combines Divine Gelato X Slurricane and it is listed as a ‘mostly indica’ variety. ISMOKE is made possible by our awesome Patrons including Head Happy Dundee If you like what we are doing and would like to support our work (and appear […] More

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    Cannabis News Recap: July 2020 | PotGuide.com

    Choosing five of the top cannabis news stories is a difficult task each month. July 2020, however, exceeded that statement by a country mile. July marked a month where the American cannabis landscape could shift and solidify for businesses and consumers of THC and CBD alike. Marijuana news on the state level was just as […] More

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    How to Buy Weed Online Legally | PotGuide.com

    We live in a world where we can get almost anything a heart desires by simply ordering it online and having it delivered straight to our doors. Not so much for the legal cannabis industry, who – through no fault of their own – have had to engage in some workarounds to make purchasing a […] More

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    How to Tell if Your Cannabis Has Gone Bad and Its Side Effects | PotGuide.com

    Marijuana is often considered a magical plant, for all its possible healing properties. While accurate in many instances, the reality is that the plant’s magic is not all-reaching. For example, the plant is far from everlasting; it does have an expiration date. Consuming pot that’s gone past its prime could leave the consumer with a […] More

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