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Sour Diesel Wax Cannabis Concentrate

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We picked up this cannabis concentrate, Sour Diesel, produced by Refine Seattle from the Ganja Goddess in downtown Seattle. I actually bought a rig to smoke concentrates in last week and we break it in here.

Sour Diesel, despite what Leafly says, is indica dominant (ask Asshole Joe, he knows) and very potent even if its not in a concentrate.

This sample is 66.6% THC and %0.0 CBD.

I’m a dabbing amateur, so this was interesting. I finally got the titanium hot enough to vaporize the wax and it was nice and sweet even though I could taste the solvent — I do not think concentrates made with solvents are ever fully purged, but that’s just me. I prefer solventless but will be trying a number of samples of BHOs over the next week or three.

I have to get some new dabbing tools. When you watch the video you will see the design flaw that requires this…I hate using all that butane to heat the bowl up….

The initial effect was so intense I had to just turn up some Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense) LOUD for about 15 minutes and just drift on the music. The secondary effect was nice and mellow.

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