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Deepwater Purps Marijuana Strain Review

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Deepwater Purps Marijuana Strain Review:

Today we review a marijuana strain from Deepwater Botanicals based in Washington State and sourced from the Belmar cannabis store in Bellevue, Washington. This is their Deepwater Purps.
I went on line to check out Deepwater Botanicals, and at the time of filming they did not have a website but do have a promotional video on YouTube and a Facebook presence. They grow their weed using deepwater culture, hence the name of the company, Deepwater Botanicals.
This indica dominant marijuana strain (80/20) was harvested at the end of June 2015, about three months before we shot this video.
The marijuana sample we smoked showed potency analysis totals 18.9%, with THCA at 19.5% and CBD at 0.13%
The packaging on this bag is insane. It’s not just child proof it is everyone proof. We snipped the plastic above the zip sealer and opened this eighth of an ounce up.
Looking at the marijuana flower, she is very sticky but nice and springy. Certainly pretty, nothing crazy looking but a very nice representation of a female cannabis flower. Squeeze the bud and she springs back—not over dry, would be nice to smoke b in a chillum or other deep pipe with a two or three friends. The raw flower doesn’t have a strong weed smell at all.
After crumbling the marijuana flower, I found it still doesn’t have that DANK stank to her, but has a nice light cannabis aroma.
There is really nothing happening when I dry toke. No strong flavor comes through.
Smoking the weed, one notices it has a nice rich, danky taste to it, but nothing really jumps out taste wise. The flavor is kind of plain. BUT the good thing is that as it was grown in deepwater culture, you don’t taste any salts or have any chemical harshness. In their video they state they flush for at least 10 days prior to harvesting which I tend to believe based on the smooth smoke of this Deepwater Purps marijuana strain.
The effect is strong. Good indica marijuana buzz. The weed is very, very clean and easy to smoke. For the price this is a very good way to go. Recommended as an good everyday smoke. Priced right and excellent quality.
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