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Hammerhead Marijuana Strain Review

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Hammerhead Marijuana Strain Review:
Hi everyone, today we do a marijuana strain review of Moani Natural’s’ ‘Hammerhead Fatty’ pre-rolled spliff. The THC potency numbers are 5.77 % and the CBD is 9.36%. Another high CBD marijuana strain from Moani Naturals, this was sourced at Belmar in Bellevue Washington.

At the time of filming we did not have any information regarding the Hammerhead marijuana strain’s’ genetic background. A random guess — maybe it has something to do with some of the ‘shark’ strains? This is an 80/20 indica dominant strain.

The dry toke reveals a sweet cannabis flavor on the pull.

Despite the wind is causing a bit of tunneling on the spliff but we will take one for the team and finish this spliff.
Everything I have smoked from Moani Naturals is high CBD marijuana. It has been very helpful to me with my IBD. I have been led to understand that they cultivate their marijuana organically.

This Hammerhead does not have a distinctive taste at this point, but within five minutes of smoking I am already feeling the CBDs take the edge off of my anxiety and ‘tightness.’

This pre-rolled is very good medicine, helping me with my stress right now, taking the edge off of my anxiousness. (this was filmed on 9/11/2015) I was a block away on 9/11 and lived a mere 5 blocks from ground zero, and saw and experienced a lot of negative things that day and for months afterwards, so it still weighs on me every year at this time. I’m finding this spliff is helping me out a lot.

The presence of high CBD was pretty obvious right out of the gate smoking the marijuana strain of Hammerhead. It is very good herb, very well flushed and easy to smoke. Highly recommended. If anyone knows the genetics in this strain please let us know!

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