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Redrum Marijuana Strain

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We picked Artizen’s marijuana strain Redrum, up from in Bellevue WA. We don’t know the genetics behind this marijuana strain but haven’t been disappointed in any Artizen product we’ve tried to date.

Total Potency is 20.4% with 0.7 CBD.

The marijuana flowers are very pretty, small green buds that have a spicy scent to them. It brought memories of Panama Red and African Black to Tweezy and it definately has that nice spicy sativa tang. There is such an abundance of trichomes they are sticking to the sides of the plastic sack the weed was packaged in. Don’t put this weed in a grinder!

The smell/taste on the dry toke reminds you of old Panama or African Black. The power of the smell memory is pretty astounding, witness the scene in ‘Ratatouie’ as laid out by Tweezy.

If you know what the genetics of this strain are please let us and everyone else know!

If you have questions you can leave them in the comments or reach out directly at

The Redrum marijuana strain is very smooth and full bodied. Very well flushed.

We smoked the Redrum weed and were able to focus on the task at hand for about a solid hour–clearly this hybrid is sativa dominant. Tastes, smells and burns great! Another stellar job Avitas!

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