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    What are Rosin Cartridges? | PotGuide.com

    If you’re a fan of concentrate vape pens, the rosin cartridges for sale at your dispensary alongside the more familiar brands may have piqued your interest. You may find yourself wondering what exactly are rosin cartridges? How are they different from the regular vape pen cartridges that you buy? Are they worth the extra cost? […] More

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    Exploring Social Equity Programs in the Cannabis Industry | PotGuide.com

    Given the slick facade of some of some cannabis businesses dotting the landscape of legal states, you would probably never guess that drug policy in the United States is deeply rooted in racism. Marijuana is by far the country’s most frequently consumed illicit drug, by both whites and communities of color.  Even though whites consume […] More

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    Maine Sets Date for Recreational Cannabis Sales | PotGuide.com

    After extensive delay, Maine’s recreational cannabis industry has finally set a date to begin sales! Dispensaries will be permitted to begin sales on October 9, 2020. Before the kickoff, Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) plans to grant the first active licenses to recreational cannabis businesses on September 8.  Maine legalized the possession, cultivation and […] More

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    How to Properly Distance Cannabis Plants in a Grow Room | PotGuide.com

    As many cannabis fans find themselves at home longer and longer, there’s plenty of time to think about picking up a new hobby. Maybe it’s finally time to tackle learning Spanish or Mandarin. Perhaps it’s time to get more into baking and see why everyone went so nuts over sourdough. Or it could be time […] More

  • Strain Focus: Purple Punch (E01)
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    Strain Focus: Purple Punch (E01)

    If you like what we are doing you can support our work on Patreon here: https://patreon.com/ismoke Disclaimer: ISMOKE is an adult channel for people aged 18 or over. These videos are for informational and educational purposes only. More

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    Do Your Genes Influence the Effects of Cannabis? | PotGuide.com

    There are many factors at play when it comes to how cannabis will affect each person. Strain type, potency, and type of consumption are only some of the x-factors the plant brings to the equation. But each individual has their own, personal grab bag of variables, like percentage of body fat, age,  consumption frequency, and […] More

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