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    Can Federal Marijuana Legalization Save the Tourism Industry? | PotGuide.com

    The travel industry is in a depression due to COVID-19, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Industry losses include declines in travel, expected to total $80 billion in tax revenue lost during 2020. The downturn led to 51% of the industry losing their job. With the market in such a downturn, one could wonder what […] More

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    Exploring Joe Biden’s Cannabis Decriminalization Plan | PotGuide.com

    After a presidential candidate primary process that seemed to both take forever and also seems like it happened years ago, former Vice President Joe Biden will accept the Democratic Party nominee for the 2020 election. He has put out a wide ranging policy platform of laws, plans, and programs that he will push to enact […] More

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    Easier Ways to Consume Concentrates | PotGuide.com

    Cannabis concentrates have grown and evolved exponentially in a relatively short time thanks to legalized cannabis markets and modern techniques, and their popularity is higher than ever. For good reason, too: concentrates have a host of advantages over traditional cannabis consumption methods like dried flower. However, stepping into the concentrate arena isn’t always an easy […] More

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    Does Cannabis Affect Dreams and REM Sleep? | PotGuide.com

    Humans have been curious about dreams and what they mean for millennia. Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were warnings or demands from their Gods, and dutifully recorded their visions on a papyrus that now resides in the British Museum. Ancient Greek, Babylonian, and Hebrew cultures held to the belief that dreams were either or good […] More

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    Marijuana’s Shift from Illicit to Luxury | PotGuide.com

    After roughly a century of demonization and eight decades of prohibition, marijuana is on the verge of reversing the oppressive fantasies of Harry Anslinger, Richard Nixon and other abstinents. “The mainstreaming of cannabis in today’s society has certainly pivoted from a taboo illicit drug to now being openly discussed at dinner tables,” said John Shearman, […] More

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    How to Practice Social Distancing at the Dispensary | PotGuide.com

    In order to flatten the coronavirus curve, many of us have been quarantining inside. Just the way your local government has asked you to. You’ve streamed through a bunch of movies, held some virtual smoke sessions with your friends, and now you’re out of weed. Thankfully, recreational dispensaries are still listed as essential businesses (unless […] More

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